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Dr Bob attends to a kiddie lineup in Texas

The world’s greatest inventor, Thomas A. Edison was truly prophetic when he said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease.”

After checking out his diplomas and licenses to practice from across Canada, the US and Down Under, and glancing at the array of photographs, prints and pieces of memorabilia from various exotic locations, displayed in his office, [all with a chiropractic connection I’m assured,] it’s obvious that Ganges’ newest chiropractor, Dr. Bob Richmond, has traveled widely and enjoyed an exciting life, prior to the promise of the peaceful, less hectic lifestyle which attracted him to Saltspring Is.

“Dr Bob,” as he has affectionately been known for years, by patients and friends alike, is originally from NZ, where he completed his pre-med studies before traveling to North America to obtain his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa, in the US.

Before moving to the US, in order to earn the funds required to begin his chiropractic studies, Dr Bob worked in Australia for a time, before he landed a job in New Guinea masquerading as a geologist for 18mths, followed by service in the NZ Armed Forces.

After obtaining his degree in Chiropractic, and spending a year interning in California, Dr Bob immigrated to Canada in 1974, and practiced in Vancouver for close to 30 yrs before a desire to experience life in the Maritimes, led him to practice in New Brunswick for more than a decade.

The west coast was the only place in Canada that really felt like home to Dr Bob. His fiancé Mary Jane, a Maritimer, loves BC as just as well and was only too happy to bid goodbye to the Eastern winters, so after a dozen years in the Maritimes Dr Bob packed up and heeded the call back to the West. Two of his three sons live in downtown Vancouver, so the attraction to be close to family was also very strong.

IMG_2611After his time in rural New Brunswick, Dr Bob was not keen to return to the rat race of Vancouver gridlock which had only worsened during the years he was away from the province. As a keen boater and fisherman, he was well aware of the charm that the Gulf Islands held, so it ended up being a fairly easy decision to choose Saltspring as his home for the future. True to his love of the ocean, he quickly found himself a comfortable boat, and joined the local Sailing Club. He and Mary Jane took full advantage of the wonderful Spring and Summer this year and explored the Gulf Islands extensively, making new friends and catching their fair share of salmon and crab along the way.

A new practice on Salt Spring

Dr Bob has found that most of the folks here on Saltspring are aware of chiropractic, or have had some experience with it, but that most have the idea that chiropractic is mainly indicated for sore backs and necks, or in an emergency .

That of course is only the tip of the iceberg, and he acknowledges that there is a need, [a challenge he accepts,] to inform and educate the local population as to the full range of benefits that Chiropractic offers, whether they have pain or not.

Health Information Sessions

2009 09 15_0286Every Tuesday evening, Dr Bob hosts an information session for the general public, where they are treated to a brief talk on the subject and are invited to ask any questions they have.

Dr Bob states that the definition of health has nothing to do with how you might feel at any particular moment. Many have died of a stroke or a heart attack within a short time of receiving a clean bill of health from their MDs over the years, thus illustrating the point.

The definition of perfect health is, [and even your MD would have to agree with this,]”All systems, working 100% efficiently, all of the time,” says Dr Bob.

If that happens to be the case, you most certainly will feel good; but feeling good alone is definitely NO guarantee that everything is working as it should.

Chiropractic Essentials — and essential chiropractic

IMG_4604Chiropractic essentially deals with the two most important systems in the body. The Central Nervous System and the Spine. They are built first in the embryo. They are the foundation of everything.

The Spine is the foundation of the skeleton and is the base of all mechanical function, and the CNS controls everything else…….every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body.

The Spine surrounds, supports and protects the CNS. As the spine misaligns and continues to compensate from the accumulation of traumas large and small, postural distortions begin to be noticed, which eventually lead to back pain, neck and arm pain, sciatica and the like.

All the while, these misaligned vertebrae in the spine, cause increasing pressure, [reducing nerve energy flow,] on the spinal cord and or spinal nerves, which just happen to control the function of everything in the body, so this interference has the potential to impede the normal function of virtually any part of your body.

By the same token, once a chiropractor corrects this interference, normal nerve flow is re-established, normal function is restored to the areas where it was reduced and a return to normal health is usually the result….No Drugs, No Surgery. About 70% of the benefit is from improved nerve flow with a wide range of positive bodily responses, and 30% is mechanical, sore backs, stiff necks etc.

Dr Bob says that the Chiropractic option is usually the best place to begin when seeking the solution to most of your health concerns, unless it’s obviously first aid or a life threatening crisis. It is for the following reasons; it’s Natural, Cautious, Safe, Conservative, Practical, Respectful of your body, Economical and Effective.

Surgery and Medications vs. Chiropractic Options

IMG_0853_675x900Now compare that to the dangers of drugs and the risks of surgery. Dr Bob explains that it’s your Body that does the Healing. The Chiropractor’s job is to correct the misalignment and remove the nerve interference, which allows the healing to occur.

With chiropractic adjustments, it’s amazing how quickly most patients begin to feel significantly better, and more often than not, they also report improvement in many areas which they may have not realized had been performing at below par.

Dr Bob feels re- energized now that he’s back in the West and after taking a few months off to enjoy his new surroundings, and getting a feel for SSI and the local residents, he’s excited to be back in the office again. Dr Bob said that he feels on top of his game professionally.

“It’s taken me over 40 yrs to achieve my present skill level, so I feel that I have so much more to offer now to my patients than I did as a younger chiropractor. It would be a complete waste of my accumulated talent and years of experience to retire and play golf or go fishing every day.”

Dr Bob with his great experience, confidence and traditional style of spinal adjustment, brings a fresh alternative in Chiropractic to Saltspring and invites anyone looking for an experienced, effective practitioner, to contact his office.

His office hours are later than most, till 7:00pm Mon, Wed and Thurs.

“CHIROPRACTIC; it’s the best kept secret in the world, and my mission is to blow the whistle on it”, says Dr Bob.



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Salt Spring Island
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9am - 7pm
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Client Quote

"Dr. Bob has been integral in resolving my back pain! After years of sitting and working at desks, my back was constantly sore at the end of the day because it was out of alignment. I am thankful he moved to the island." 
- Dr. Patrick Callas, ND