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Keeping up with your Chiropractic adjustments is a vital strategy– this promotes the spine and nerve system’s optimal function. Establish a regular habit of visiting Dr. Bob—for you and for your whole family—will pay off in both the short and long term.

Initial Examination consultation and adjustment: $85.
Visits are between 30-45 minutes.

Report of Findings (Second visit) : includes adjustment $85

Re-examination after accident or 12 months absence: $85

Regular Office Visit: $55

Emergency Exam & Consultation : $150 (visits outside of regular office hours)

Emergency Office Visit: $100

House Calls: fees vary, based on time and distance travelled.

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I much prefer booking via phone call. A telephone call will get instant reception: 250.538.2262

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Salt Spring Island
#207 Above Golden Island Restaurant
338 Lower Ganges Rd.


9am - 7pm
Evening & Weekend

Client Quote

"Dr. Bob has been integral in resolving my back pain! After years of sitting and working at desks, my back was constantly sore at the end of the day because it was out of alignment. I am thankful he moved to the island." 
- Dr. Patrick Callas, ND