Dr. Bob has been integral in resolving my back pain! After years of sitting and working at desks, my back was constantly sore at the end of the day because it was out of alignment. I am thankful he moved to the island.
Dr. Patrick Callas, N.D.

So happy to have found this amazing practitioner! If you are a complex case, without a lot of success elsewhere, I highly recommend this Chiropractor! – Sherry W.

It’s been years. I am walking proof. This guy is phenomenal. – Nancy T.

I am a stocky built 65 yr. old building contractor, with a series of health issues which developed after an MVA 10 yrs. ago. They included neck pain, which forced me to sleep sitting up, upper back pain, daily acid reflux, low back pain, especially when bent forward slightly at the waist, or carrying even a very modest weight, a complete loss of taste and smell and a faint feeling as though I was about to pass out. After driving, I would often get out of my vehicle and have to hold on to it for about 20 seconds as I felt like I was about to lose consciousness and fall down.
I started to get adjusted by Bob and noticed improvements in all areas within a few weeks and now about 18 mths. later I am pain free, symptom free and feel half my age. Best of all I can now enjoy my meals as my smell and taste have returned to normal. I can’t thank Dr. Bob enough. – Robyn K.

Living with back and hip pain for thirty years with no relief… was no fun. I’m a big guy, 6’3″ and 260 lbs., so I’m not easy to manhandle. Others have tried without success. I met Dr. Bob one day, we chatted and he suggested that he might be able to help. I was still open to alternatives and didn’t want to take pain killers for the rest of my life. After only a few visits to his office I started to notice significant improvement and after a couple of months I was completely pain free. I still continue with monthly maintenance adjustments in order to keep things in place and as a result for the last four years, no more pain or loss of work. Best day ever… when I took up Dr. Bob’s invite to try his chiropractic option. If you are suffering, give him a call; to me, Dr. Bob’s the best. – Tom B.

Dr. Bob was able to see me quickly when my back was out and I was in excruciating pain. He did a gentle adjustment on my spine and 90% of the pain disappeared immediately. I was shocked to say the least, but also extremely grateful that Dr. Bob was able to work his magic on me so quickly as I had an important engagement to attend the next day. I’m not sure how I would have coped without him. I’ll be seeing Dr. Bob regularly now to improve my posture and overall health. – Krysta F.

Dr. Bob noticed me limping badly at work. We chatted and I told him that I had surgery on my knee a couple of years ago, but obviously I still had issues with it and I was worried about what to do next. He explained to me that spinal misalignments caused from various traumas in earlier years might be responsible for imbalance in my hips and leg length, resulting in knee irritation with pain. It seemed to make sense, so I set up an appointment.

I felt noticeable results on the first appointment and have continued to improve quickly and in short time the limp was gone. It had been a big issue for me for a long time. So even if it’s not back pain that bothers you, consider trying chiropractic first. I’m sure glad that Dr. Bob just happened to notice. My lucky day. – Heather P.

When I first met Dr. Bob 3 years ago I could hardly walk. I had constant back pain for 25 yrs. which was getting worse and I was worried about what I should do. To tell the truth, I was absolutely terrified of seeing a chiropractor so I’d never gone that route, so when Dr. Bob suggested that we get together at his office and just talk, I told him that I would think about it. Over the next few months and two more chance meetings with Dr. Bob, he could see the pain I was still in, so he told me that his invitation was still open. By this point I was getting desperate, so I agreed to come and just have a chat.

The short story is that I noticed significant improvement from my chronic low back pain almost immediately after my first adjustment. Over two years later, I feel like a new person. Now I do monthly maintenance and am enjoying life, mostly pain free. – Rod M.

I met first met Dr. Bob at his chiropractic booth at the Fall Fair in 2017. At that time I was suffering from severe low back, hip and elbow pain. After discussing my problems with him I made an appointment for the next week. He adjusted my spine and my elbows, and the results were dramatic. After several treatments, my elbows were pain free and I could lift hay bales again without discomfort for the first time in a very long time.

I also noticed that my chronic hip and low back back pain were no longer there when I was riding. My horse noticed as well. We seemed to fit together better. It’s great. When I overdo it lifting heavy hay bales for example, and put myself out of kilter, it’s good to know Dr. Bob is there to put me back on the right track. Now that I’m pain free, I plan to stay that way, so I do monthly maintenance adjustments to stay well. – Erika P.

Dr Bob Richmond has helped me so much. I am a rather complex case, because of former spinal injuries, one too many car accidents, aggravated by chronic pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia. So many doctors gave up on me offering only narcotics for pain. Dr Bob has been able to give me so much more mobility than I have had in years.

Ironically I used to live on Salt Spring and now travel back there from Victoria to see the best Chiropractor I have ever seen! If you live on the Salty rock and need to see a chiropractor and have been travelling off-island for that service, you need to see Dr Bob! Simply the best! – Sherry W.

I cannot thank Dr. Bob enough for fixing up my lovely wife. She came into his office on a cane, with sudden onset extreme low back pain, and left with a spring in her step, which saved our trip to Costa Rica.

Dr. Bob’s initial consultation also unearthed a much more troublesome and chronic debilitating scenario that my wife was also dealing with for 10 years since age 40. It was described by various MDs as a vestibular problem of unknown origin, with no known treatment protocol. So after witnessing my wife get off his table pain free, after a few spinal adjustments, and he wished to discuss her other issues in more detail we agreed. Her symptoms included constant ear ringing, blurred vision in a way that included her not being able to judge where the ground was in relation to her feet, trouble walking, vertigo, headaches, dizziness, nausea, extended periods of extreme anxiety and chronic fatigue.

This caused her to be housebound most of the time, unable to get out into the garden, drive her car or even enter a grocery store, as the combination of noise, busyness and lights, etc. immediately increased all of her symptoms dramatically. I explained to Dr. Bob that we’d seen at least 100 various kinds of doctors including a few chiropractors in the last 10 yrs. in search of some answers and that she’d had no help from any of them, zero, nada!

Unperturbed, Dr. Bob convinced us to continue her chiropractic treatment with an eye to correcting possibly the underlying cause of much of her discomfort and distress, which he felt at least in part, was more than likely due to misalignments in the neck causing interference with the brain stem, a key part of the central nervous system. We decided to go along at least for a while.

After a few months of treatment she has improved dramatically, and I recommend Dr. Bob’s services and his amazing amount of knowledge to anyone who is currently suffering.

Thank you from both of us. – Gordon C.